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Anticipation of Litigation Advisor

Anticipation of Litigation Advisor

September 24, 2019

By: Chelsea A. Creta and Laurie K. Miller

Should the Jury Decide "Intent to Deprive" in Spoliation Sanction Issues? Woods v. Scissons Says Yes.

On June 25, 2016, Officer Scissons arrested Dustin Woods after a brief pursuit and a confrontation, during which Woods attempted to pull a gun on the officer. Officer Scissons successfully disarmed Woods and handcuffed him, and other officers began to arrive on the scene. After the incident, Woods filed a § 1983 action against Officer Scissons alleging that Scissons struck Woods several times while he lay face-down on the pavement, amounting to excessive use of force.  (Click here to read more.)

5+ Tips for Managing E-Discovery Costs for a Small Case

Most cases are not multi-national corporation against multi-national corporation.  Most cases do not have tens of millions of dollars at issue.  Most clients do not have giant e-discovery budgets.  In fact, most cases in litigation today are significantly smaller, generally with just thousands of dollars at issue, and cannot withstand a giant e-discovery bill.  So, what are the lawyer and client to do with a small case that has e-discovery needs?  Here are five tips that may help.  (Click here to read more.)


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