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Fourth Circuit Vacates but does not Reverse District Court Decision Barring Columbia’s Use of Natural Gas Act Eminent Domain Against Commonwealth of Maryland

The Natural Gas Act gives FERC-regulated projects the right to condemn private property.  In 2019, the Third Circuit ruled that those rights did not extend to property held by a state because states enjoy sovereign immunity from such suits.  The federal district court in Maryland followed suit, blocking efforts by Columbia Gas to install a short transmission line under a state-owned bike trail…

Federal Court in Pennsylvania Declines to Require Accumulation of Emissions from Non-Contiguous Compressor Stations for CAA Permitting

A federal court in Pennsylvania has ruled that a series of gas compressors used to move gas from wells to larger transmission lines need not be considered a single “source” of air pollution.  See Citizens for Pennsylvania’s Future v. Ultra Resources, Inc., No. 4: 11-cv-1360.  If the eight compressors had been considered a single “source,” then they would likely have been…


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