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Law360 Ranks Jackson Kelly as a Best Law Firm for Female Attorneys

May 29, 2019

Jackson Kelly PLLC is pleased to announce that Law360 recognized our Firm as a “Best Law Firm for Female Attorneys” and as a “Best Law Firm for Female Partners” in its 2019 Glass Ceiling Report. To be eligible for the designation, our Firm demonstrates above-average representation of female attorneys in percentage of female attorneys, non-partners, partners and equity partners.

Among our peers, Jackson Kelly ranked 16th, with 44.8% female attorneys, 45.5% non-partners, 44.3% partners, and 44.6% equity partners. With respect to partners, we ranked 4th among our peers.

We believe that diversity among our attorneys provides stronger, more innovative teams to meet our clients’ needs. Providing all attorneys fair and equal access to the pathways to success benefits everyone – the attorneys, our clients and the Firm.


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