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EPA Withdraws 2016 Information Request on Methane Emissions from the Oil and Gas Industry

March 9, 2017

By: Robert G. McLusky

On November 10, 2016, EPA issued an Information Collection Request requiring oil and natural gas companies to provide extensive information that EPA desired to develop regulations for reducing methane emissions from existing oil and gas sources.

The information request was sent to more than 15,000 owners and operators in the oil and gas industry. The request was comprised of two parts:  An “Operator Survey” that asked for basic information on the numbers and types of equipment at on-shore oil and gas production facilities; and a “Facility Survey” asking for more detailed information on sources of methane emissions and methane control devices or practices in use by a representative sampling of facilities in several segments of the industry.

By Federal Register notice of March 2, 2017, EPA withdrew both parts of the 2016 information request, effective immediately.  EPA’s March 2 notice advises survey recipients who have questions that they may contact the EPA information collection request helpdesk at 888-372-8696 or by email at icr@epa.gov.

This article was authored by Robert G. McLusky.


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