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Solar Facilities to Face NIMBY Issues in West Virginia

Solar developers in West Virginia must ensure that their proposed project location does not violate applicable zoning and land use laws.  West Virginia’s land use laws authorize land uses in zoning districts either as “permitted uses” or as “conditional uses.”   Where there is municipal or county-wide zoning, “permitted uses” need only comply with whatever zoning criteria have been adopted by an…

United States and Canada Announce Solar Product Trade Deal

The United States and Canada reached an agreement earlier this month to remove American tariffs on Canadian-made solar products, including crystalline silicon photovoltaic modules used in solar generation facilities. The tariffs at issue, commonly referred to as “Section 201” tariffs, were imposed in 2018 under Section 201 of the Trade Act of 1974.[1]

The Section 201 tariffs were intended to…

Siting a Wind or Solar Facility in West Virginia? Look Up, Down and All Around

West Virginia has long been blessed with tremendous natural resources. It has some of the finest coal and natural gas reserves anywhere in the world. These resources have been developed for more than 150 years.  

More recently, wind and solar energy providers have discovered West Virginia. In addition to having ample wind and sunshine, West Virginia’s location makes it attractive place from which…


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