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Colorado Last Call News

July 22, 2020

Colorado state government has made significant changes in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. From passing new laws on workplace safety and paid leave, to issuing a statewide mandate that people wear facemasks in public spaces. However, even as these changes have gone into effect the state has continued to see a rise in COVID-19 cases. The increases are not as stark as some other states, including some neighboring states, however the consistent rise has prompted further action by the Governor. 

Citing the fact that many of the new cases of COVID-19 infection are occurring among twenty-somethings, and acknowledging that having restaurants and breweries across the sate open for business can lead to less social distancing especially among inebriated patrons, Governor Jared Polis made a statement on July 21, 2020 declaring a temporary restriction on liquor sales. The change is to Colorado’s “last call” standard. Across the state, restaurants, bars and other establishments that sell alcohol must cease sales at 2 am. The new temporary standard requires any of these establishments that are currently open to cease all alcohol sales at 10pm. The announcement made on Monday is expected to take effect later this week and last for 30 days. In response to capacity restrictions and the new last call restriction, a restaurant trade group has taken the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment to court seeking an injunction to keep CDPHE from enforcing restrictions on the number of patrons or the new alcohol sales cutoff. 

The constantly changing nature of the virus and state responses to it, make these trying times for any business to navigate. The Denver attorneys in Jackson Kelly PLLC’s Commercial, Employment, and Workplace Health and Safety practice groups are staying on top of all the changing requirements to better help your business succeed in the face of uncertainty.


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